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Team Search & Rescue Resources

K9 Search Teams

Motorized Search  &  Transport Teams

Ground Search Support

Our team has years of experience in the following:

Search Tactics and Strategies

K9 Scent Theory

Advanced K9 Training Principles

Crime Scene Awareness

Bloodborne Pathogens and Human Remains Awareness and Handling

Haz-Mat Awareness

Low Angle Rope Training

Navigation/SARTECH II

Man Tracking


Winter/Snow Safety

Cold Water/Boating Safety Operations

Swift Water/Ice Rescue Safety

ATV/Snowmachine Safety and Operations

Helicopter Safety Orientation Training

Physical Assets We Provide

Vehicles 4x4 and ATVs

Snowmachines/Rescue Sleds

Boats- 2-14' Jon Boat, 1-14'Semi V, 1-16' River boat   

            18' Delphin SAR Inflatable 

             Motorized-Electric and Outboard

Avalanche Equipment: Beacons, Probes, Shovels for Avalanche level I responders

Water Search Equipment: Boats, PFDs, Rescue Throw Bags, UW Camera/Video, Drags

HRD Soil Probe, Metal Detector




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